Politically Entertaining – Why Blackish Matters, Gronk Boat, Super Tuesday, and the Mayor of Mobile

Politically Entertaining returns with its most explosive episode yet. Frank and Byron check in on the candidate’s prospects heading into Super Tuesday and Erica Perkins joins the fray for first the guest appearance in Politically Entertaining history. Byron has some figurative fun on the Gronk Boat and discusses the conundrum of the black vote.

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Politically Entertaining – President Trump, 1200 Cuban Cigars, and a very controversial Formation

The hosts of Politically Entertaining, Frank and Byron weigh in on the results of the Nevada Caucus and the South Carolina Primary. Byron explores the potential of Trump as president and Frank thinks the Sanders campaign is in a bit of trouble. Byron also addresses the recent political moves of the Black Lives Matter movement and Frank ponders why Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance has gained so much attention.

Politically Entertaining – The importance of the supreme court, democrats and black people, and The Walking Dead

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Politically Entertaining. Byron and Frank waste no time catching you up with the latest on everything important with the election race. Tough topics like black voting patterns and political ideologies are explored in an effort to provide a fresh perspective on these issues. Lastly, the show closes with a sobering look at domestic violence and why it continues to plague our society at such an alarming rate.

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