Politically Entertaining – Dynamic Dance Instructor Michelle Kisielewicz, Top 5 Rappers, Looming Threat of ISIS, and a Seafood Debate for the Ages

Welcome to another episode of Politically Entertaining. Michelle Kisielewicz joins the show as a special guest and shares her viewpoints on politics and business as well as sharing an interesting relationship with one of the co-hosts. Byron ponders the electability of Hilary Clinton and Frank makes a tough decision about where the best seafood in America is.

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Politically Entertaining – Highly Esteemed Professor Clayborne Carson, Dirty Water, Steph Curry, and Brokered Conventions

Politically Entertaining welcomes Professor Clayborne Carson in one of the most exciting episodes of the season. The professor shares his knowledge of the Civil Rights struggle and differentiates between reality and rhetoric when it comes to revolutions. Byron thinks he has a way to stop the reigning MVP Steph Curry and Frank is not impressed with the Republican Party’s recent actions.

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Politically Entertaining – Baltimore Mayoral Candidate DeRay Mckesson, A Different World, and why Trump being President isn’t the worst thing that could happen

Another episode of Politically Entertaining is here and Frank and Byron are ready for action. Byron interviews Baltimore Mayoral Candidate DeRay McKesson and goes on a Trump rant for the ages. Frank explains why Trump being elected President isn’t the worst thing that could happen and whether or not Bernie Sander’s campaign is officially reach its breaking point.

Politically Entertaining – Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Terri Matthews, Steve Kerr, Melanin and Heroin, and the Oscars

Byron and Frank return for another jam packed episode of Politically Entertaining. Byron interviews Terri Matthews who not only shares her stories of business success but also her struggles and triumphs in raising her autistic son, Jaden. Frank shares his thoughts on the ‘new’ approach to people suffering from heroin addiction and Byron gets the listeners ready for what to expect in the remaining primaries. Lastly, the Oscars and their relevance is discussed amongst the backdrop of real world issues.