WBAL’s Jayne Miller on Baltimore City Police Corruption, Teachers with Guns, and the end of SNAP

WBAL’s own investigative reporter of over 30 years and Baltimore legend, Jayne Miller joins to talk corruption in Baltimore’s gun trace task force unit, the lack of national media coverage, and what she’s doing to make sure these incidents become a things of the past. Frank blasts the NRA for shifting the narrative on the recent Parkland shooting and Byron has serious doubts about feasibility of the overhaul being discussed for SNAP benefits.

Disgusting Democrats, Baltimore City Police Corruption, and the Kingdom of Wakanda

Frank and Byron return for one of the hardest hitting episodes in Politically Entertaining history. Brandon Davis joins the show to talk about the institutions Trump and his adminstration have corrupted and what the potential fall out could be. Byron is fired up about DACA and feels the Democrats should be doing more on a regular basis for the Black people that help get them elected into office. Byron and Frank share their disgust about police corruption in Baltimore and wax poetic over the movie premiere of Black Panther.