Politically Entertaining – LaShoundra Holmes Young, Real Talk about the Michael Moore shooting, and the sham that was Trump University

In one of the most explosive episodes in Politically Entertaining history Frank and Byron jump in with both feet on the topics of the Orlando shooting and the tragic death of Michael Moore. LaShoundra Young joins the show to share her inspiration and views on fashion and drops a hint about which magazine you should be subscribing to later this summer.

Intro Music – Michael Mixwell McCoy

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Politically Entertaining – Senator Tim Scott, Muhammad Ali, Hiroshima, and Daisy Dukes

For the first time in Politically Entertaining history a standing U.S. Senator joins the show. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina joins the show to discuss his Investments in Opportunities Act and gives a frank commentary on the state of African Americans and their political alliances. Frank and Byron discuss the Presidents visit to Hiroshima and pay tribute to the great Muhammad Ali.